China Path Podcast

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Episodes and Shownotes

  1. 47. Lauren Hogan (F45 Training Shanghai) - Getting Physical
  2. 46. James Hudson (Alibaba) - Alibaba World
  3. 45. Michelle Garnaut (M on the Bund) - Fine Dining Empire
  4. 44. Graham Fletcher (DFAT, Australian Embassy Beijing) - New Australian Ambassador to China
  5. 43. Matthew McKenzie (Bright Food Asia) - Long Term Commitment to the Market
  6. 42. Jessica Miao (United Media Solution) - Digital Marketing
  7. 41. Raymond Ng (Accestra) - Navigating Import Regulations in China
  8. 40. Matthew McKenzie (Bright Food Asia) - Market Entry 2 - Trade Shows, Lower Tier Cities and Online
  9. 39. Will Zhao (eCargo) - E-Commerce Options
  10. 38. Mette Knudsen (Knudsen CRC) - Getting Customs Compliance Right
  11. 37. Matthew McKenzie (Bright Food Asia) - Market Entry 1 - Before Entering the Market
  12. 36. Brian Wallace (Red Gate Gallery) - The Art Scene in China
  13. 35. Cheng Lei (CGTN) & Peng Tao (Airbnb China) - Australian Uni Alumni Returning to China
  14. 34. Michael Smith (Australian Financial Review) - Reporting on Business from China
  15. 33. Professor Pookong Kee (PKU) Dan Hu (BFSU) . - Australian Studies in China (FASIC)
  16. 32. Lucinda Atkinson (Department of the Attorney General) - Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme
  17. 31. Nick Henderson (Asialink Business) - Tailoring the Chinese Tourist Experience
  18. 30. Jane Orton (The University of Melbourne) - The Lack of Chinese Proficiency in Australia
  19. 29. Natalie Cope (Australia China Youth Dialogue) - Emerging Leaders
  20. 28. Linda Jakobson (China Matters) - The State of the Bilateral Relationship in 2019
  21. 27. Danny Armstrong (ShineWing Australia) - An In-Market Presence in China
  22. 26. Warwick Smith (The Australia China Council) - Celebrating 40 years of the Australia China Council
  23. 25. Chinese Students - Why Australia? Chinese Students on Studying Abroad
  24. 24. Andrew Hunter (Port Adelaide FC) - AFL and Sports Diplomacy in China
  25. 23. Andrew Kuiler (The Silk Initiative) - Refining your Long Term Brand Strategy for China
  26. 22. Deanne Bevan (One Sky Foundation) - Charity in China
  27. 21. Michael Ullmer (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra) - Classical Musical Connections
  28. 20. Andrea Myles (Australia China Millenial Project) - Millenials & Innovation
  29. 19. Philippa Jones (China Policy) - Interpreting Policy for Business
  30. 18. Bill Birtles (ABC China Correspondent) - Reporting from China
  31. 17. Katherine Vickers (Department of Education and Training) - Education Boom
  32. 16. Carol Allen (Sapphire International) - Taking Care of an Ageing China
  33. 15. Geoff Raby (former Australian Ambassador to China) - A Relationship Beyond the Transactional
  34. 14. Russell Wiese (Hunt & Hunt Lawyers) - Trade War
  35. 13. Katherine Brown (Brown Brothers) - The Next Generation of Chinese Wine Drinkers
  36. 12. Matt Rutter (Geraldton Fisherman Co-operative) - From Tank to Table - Lobsters and the Export Life Cycle
  37. 11. Catherine Cervasio (Aromababy) - Building Your Brand in China
  38. 10. Dan Tebbutt (Austrade, Beijing) - The ChAFTA Effect, 2 Years On
  39. 9. Peter Drysdale (ANU) and CCIEE - China Perspectives on Investment and an Australia-China Commission
  40. 8. Collins Rex (The Export Council of Australia) - Accessing ChAFTA in Four Steps
  41. 7. Lisa Renkin (Victorian Government) - The Other China (South-West) and the Health Sector
  42. 6. David Bennett - David Bennett (IP Australia) - Demystifying IP in China + ?? Chinese Translation
  43. 5. Matthew McKenzie (The Export Group) - Your China Market Strategy
  44. 4. Richard Coote (Austrade) - Australian Government business support in China
  45. 3. Food and Beverage Trade Week (Victorian Government) -
  46. 2. Andrew Robb (former Trade Minister and Asialink Chairman) - ChAFTA Negotiations - Behind the Scenes
  47. 1. John Brumby (ACBC National President) - The Big Picture + ?? Chinese Translation


Welcome to the ACBC's China Path Podcast, where we bring you China business advice that can assist you in deepening your engagement with Australia's largest trading partner. 

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The China Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) presents Australian companies with unprecedented access to the China market. Whether you export dairy, meat, wine, seafood, grain, fruit or vegetables, or specialise in the services of education, tourism, health or finance, ChAFTA can provide you with a competitive edge when doing business with China. 

Each fortnight the China Path Podcast will interviews with business leaders, government representatives and case studies who will share their advice of how Australian businesses can further utilise ChAFTA to take advantage of the growing Chinese middle class' desire for Australian goods and services.

Stay tuned for episodes covering;

  • accessing ChAFTA for goods and services, such as tourism, education and health care;
  • protecting your intellectual property in China;
  • ChAFTA and investment
  • Australian government support on the ground in China;
  • Chinese e-commerce;
  • the emerging opportunities in West China;
  • behind the scenes of ChAFTA negotiations; and
  • case studies of exporters and service providers achieiving success in the market


"The China Path Podcast is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-China Council of the Departmet of Foreign Affairs and Trade" July 2018 - July 2019

"This Activity received funding from Austrade as part of the Free Trade Agreement Training Provider Grant Program." June 2017 - June 2018

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