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Event Recap - Understanding Australian Business Practices - A Seminar for Chinese and Australian Business-People

15 November 2017

Australian business practices were the focus of our luncheon seminar on 15 November at Holding Redlich. The event aimed to provide insight into the various expectations that Australians have regarding business and the specific ways in which Australians negotiate and behave in business settings. The event was conducted in English with simultaneous Mandarin translation.

The seminar was led by Dr Carl Hinze, Partner – Head of China Practice at Holding Redlich’s Brisbane office. Carl is a recognised expert in Chinese business culture and his presentation explored how cultural values can influence certain aspects of business practice.

Specifically, Carl discussed the Australian focus on problem solving and individualism. He said these aspects our culture can often be contradictory for Chinese businesspeople who come from a culture where social harmony and relationship management are valued more than individualised goals. To be successful in business in a foreign nation, Carl said that foreign businesspeople must develop understanding of the relevant culture. He said that in his experience, many transactions fail because of a lack of deeper cultural awareness and understanding.

The second speaker was Ms Deena Goh, an immigration lawyer at Holding Redlich, Melbourne. Deena spoke about Australian immigration law and the frequent changes that occur within the Australian system. Deena also discussed the recent shift from 457 Visas to the new TSS Visas. She gave an in-depth explanation of the effects of these changes, particularly the impact on Chinese people currently working, or looking to work, in Australia.

Following Deena’s presentation was moderated panel discussion involving Carl, Deena, as well as Mr Peng Hong Wong, Executive Director of VIP Victoria Investments and Properties and Mr Lou Farinotti, Senior Partner at Holding Redlich. Following their discussion, the audience had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss specific aspects of the seminar.

ACBC Victoria warmly thanks the event’s key speakers, Dr Carl Hinze, Ms Deena Goh, Mr Peng Hong Wong and Mr Lou Farinotti for their insights and for their engaging presentations. We also extend our thanks to Holding Redlich for hosting and kindly thank all who attended.