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New South Wales

Sydney: Everyones Business Feeding China, update from China Policy

30 November 2015

Level 13, Gateway, 1 Macquarie Place, Sydney 2000

Everyone’s business: Feeding China

China’s demand for quality food is burgeoning. But just as its rural sector modernises, it is beset by land and demographic constraints. This clash presages a seismic shift in world markets. Like China’s earlier rise into global markets, China’s demand for agricultural goods is again closely aligned to Australia’s comparative advantages.

John Chapple and Philippa Jones will give a situation report on China’s agriculture and examine where opportunities lie for Australian farmers, enterprises and exporters.


About the Speakers

John Chapple, director food and agriculture

A trained agronomist and Asian agriculture specialist, John leads China Policy’s food, agriculture and marine practice based in Qingdao. John’s practical experience includes supervising farming and processing facilities in China, and across South East Asia. In 2003 he founded Sino Analytica, China’s first independent food testing laboratory.

Philippa Jones, managing director 

A regulatory and trade policy specialist, Philippa set up China Policy in 2009 to provide robust China advice to business and policy communities derived from on-the-ground tracking of China’s own analysis of its challenges. After working in China-related research and policy development for over thirty years, Philippa has recently served as an expert witness in several agricultural trade cases.

Jason Li, director Australia

Jason supervises China Policy’s operations in Australia. He is a partner and founder of the Yatsen Group, a commercial group headquartered in Beijing with interests in mining and resources, technology and financial services businesses in Asia. Jason is currently a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council for China.


About China Policy food, agriculture and marine services

China Policy is an agriculture practice in Qingdao that tracks and analyses China’s rural policy, food production and food trade systems as they undergo the greatest changes since the early 1980s reforms. monitoring the shifts and strains which are opening up immense opportunities for international engagement.  China Policy also focuses on the global ventures of China’s key agricultural enterprises and actors.

With agronomy and food safety expertise, China Policy supports practical, technical agriculture and food processing assignments. Bringing international professional expertise to local and overseas clients' projects, and advise on developing production in China.

In the marine sector they position thier clients, both commercial and institutional, to take full advantage of change. China Policy's marine and maritime expertise covers fishing, aquaculture, shipping, resources and ecology.



Date: Monday 30 November2015

Time: 8:30 – 10:00 am

Venue: Level 13, Gateway, 1 Macquarie Place, Sydney

Tickets: Members free, Non-members $33.00