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Business Opportunities in Ningbo, China By a Delegation from the NETDZ Ningbo, China

14 June 2007

Investment Centre Victoria Level 46, 55 Collins Street Melbourne

Ningbo Economic & Technical Development Zone (NETDZ)
Ningbo is one of the leading development locations in China, with its port now the 2nd largest in China, and 4th largest in the world. The world’s longest bridge is currently under construction to improve access between Ningbo and Shanghai. The NETDZ offers particularly attractive incentives for international firms and fast-tracking of projects for Australian companies. 
The NETDZ Ningbo representatives will give us an outline of developments at Ningbo and opportunities for Australian investors/manufacturers. In addition Mr Steve McMillan, Chief Executive of Melba Industries, will provide an outline of their ‘experiences’ having recently set up manufacturing operations in Ningbo.  Gale Pacific, another Melbourne based firm, will present their perspectives having successfully set up in the same location a couple of years ago.