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Reception For a Delegation from the National Peoples Congress, Peoples Republic of China Led by The Hon. SHENG Huaren Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee

28 May 2007

Sir Redmond Barry Room, Investment Centre Victoria Level 46, 55 Collins Street Melbourne

Vice Chairman Sheng Huaren’s Profile

  • Sheng Huaren, male, Han nationality, is a native of Yancheng, Jiangsu Province. He was born in 1935, received some higher education and joined the CPC in 1954.
  • Sheng spent most of his career in the chemical industry. He held several management positions within the Ministry of Petroleum and Chemical Industries. He left the Ministry of Petroleum and Chemical Industries to serve in different management roles at the China Petroleum Corporation. He later became a member of the State Steering Group of Science, Technology and Education.

Sheng was a delegate to the 14th CPC National Congress and a member of the 15th CPC Central Committee. He is currently the Vice-Chairman and Secretary-General of the 10th NPC Standing Committee.