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A Tale of Two Cities the social costs of China's development

18 July 2007

L34, ANZ Building, 100 Queen Street, Melbourne

Amy Auster | Head of International Economics, ANZ 
Margaret Ward | XinXing AID for Street Kids 
Amy Auster, Head of International Economics for ANZ, will discuss what China means for Australia and provide some insight how to position your business against the rise of China - taking advantage of China's competitive disadvantages. But whilst the economy is one of the fastest growing in the world, Amy will also look at the downside of China's development - the rise of income disparity in and the social divide of China. Issues that are gaining recognition both in China and outside and that reinforce why the efforts of people like Margaret Ward are so important.  
With the concentration of China's development along the East Coast more Chinese are leaving their homes in search of this new found wealth. There are over 120 million migrant workers in China, leaving behind over 20 million children in rural villages, some abandoned, living on the streets or trafficked. These are the "Left Behind" children and are the same in numbers as that of Australia's population. For more than two years Margaret has been working with these children in need. She will share her experiences, challenges and rewards as she works with a national team operating the first and only Chinese NGO for these children in precarious situations.  
Margaret's work has taken her to some of Africa's most dangerous places and now in China, where she does pioneering work to meet the needs of China's street kids. Her remarkable work and life's tale was featured on the ABC's Australian Story - "the Absolute Beginner" in April 2006.

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