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ACBC/Blake Dawson Briefing - Professor Michael Jacobs The New Chinese Anti Monopoly Law

05 December 2007

Blake Dawson, Level 39, 101 Collins Street Melbourne

Michael S. Jacobs

B.A., Dartmouth College; J.D., Yale University, M.P.H., Johns Hopkins University

Professor of Law
Co-Director, International Aviation Law Institute

Professor Jacobs is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in the fields of antitrust and competition law. He has written widely on both topics, spoken at symposia and colloquia in the United States and around the world, and consulted with a variety of private and public organizations on a wide array of issues. For the past five years he has been a regular consultant with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on matters pertaining to competition in the area of professional services. In 2000, he held the Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Competition Law at Naples University. In 2002 and 2003, he served as a Special Consultant to Qantas Airlines and Air New Zealand.