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Unleashing the Tiger? Competition Law in China and Hong Kong

08 October 2008

Melbourne Law School The University of Melbourne 185 Pelham Street Carlton Victoria Australia THEATRE G08 GROUND FLOOR

August 2008 will see China host the world’s greatest sporting competition for the first time in history. It will also be the month in which China’s long-awaited Anti-Monopoly Law, hailed as the country’s “economic constitution”, takes effect and the Hong Kong government will conclude consultation on proposals for its first competition law. We invite you to register for a significant one-day conference on these developments. They have substantial implications for businesses and their advisors, governments, regulators and all those interested in competition law and policy in Australia and the region. Presented by the Melbourne Law School, sponsored by premier competition law firm Gilbert + Tobin, the Australia and New Zealand School of Government and the Asian Competition Forum, the conference will bring together representatives from the senior ranks of government agencies, the legal profession, the business sector and academia from Australia, China and Hong Kong to explore the emergence of competition law in these jurisdictions. The conference will deal with substantive legal and procedural issues but also with policy questions and with practical concerns for regulators and lawyers. It will be of interest to both a legal and non-legal audience, including those with an interest in Asian law and society generally. The conference will be opened by the new Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, the Honourable Chief Justice Robert French.