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Managing risks across cultures Including the impact of New Media

15 October 2008

Hotel Winsor

Jointly presented by the Australia China Business Council & The Allen Consulting Group

Australia China Public Affairs Forum 2008 will reveal best practice management of the risks you are likely to face in doing business across cultures and systems: in both China and Australia.

This forum will consider geo-political and culture diversity and share information on the latest trends and developments in dealing with potentially high risks issues.  It will also bring new insights into the increasing influence of New Media on corporate communications; and share case studies on its implications with regard to employee communications and to reputation risk management.

What you will gain from this forum

·         Knowledge of the business of government and media relations across borders

·         Ability to Identify more clearly the issues which might impact your reputation as you do business in a new or rapidly changing environment

·         Insights in managing corporate reputation in the context of geo-political and cultural diversity

·         Strategies needed to protect and generate business growth

·         Understanding of the increasing influence of New Media to issue management

·         Best practice knowledge of how to achieve public affairs and reputation leadership

What you will hear

·         Industry best practice and Insider knowledge from industry experts and lessons applied

·         How others adapt to geo-political and cultural diversity,

·         Examples of Government and Media affairs initiatives

·         Practical case studies on issues relating to Corporate reputation

·         How to set up and extend a public affairs function in China

This collaborative effort between the Australia and China Business Council (Victoria) and The Allen Consulting Group offers the means to gain experience and learn from our panel, as well as network with each other. This forum focuses on the latest experiences of organisations doing business in China and Australia today and the emerging issues which all companies will need to consider.