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CCPIT ( China Council for the Promotion of International Trade) Delegation Visit

11 March 2008

Invest Centre Level 46, 55 Collins Street, Melbourne


Setting up a good long- term relationship between CCPIT and ACBC; Exploring the possible cooperation between two organizations in investment and trade promotion.


1. The main tasks of CCPIT are rather equivalent to those of ACBC.

Tasks of CCPIT

1. Providing government services chain for companies in accordance with various markets in different places either in China or overseas.

2.       Focusing on the organization and reception of business delegations accompanying state leaders

3.       Holding a series of sized, influential and high ranking business events and conferences

4.       Conducting business engagements on a broad spectrum to promote bilateral and multilateral relationship

5.       Participating in international organizations’ activities, and broadening business exchange channels

6.       Upgrading exhibition quality and effectiveness

7.       Expanding legal services and improving quality and efficiency

8.       Strengthening information,media and press services to support Chinese business in their Go-Global causes

9.       Facilitateing coordinated development of regional economies, to implement national strategies on regional economic development

10.   Providing training services abroad and in-bound