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CHINESE EDITORS' VISIT Innovative Australia Group Media Visit'

16 February 2008 to 23 February 2008

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) International Media Visits Program

Ms GUO Wei is a senior journalist with the China Environment News (CEN), with more than 20 years of experience in reporting and writing on environment-related topics.  Ms Guo is now a Chief-Editor/Reporter of the Paper's Industrial Economy Weekly.  Affiliated to China State Environmental Protection Administration, China Environment News is a leading national publication focusing on environmental issues.  The paper has a circulation of 230,000 with readership including government officials, decision makers, industry people and the general public.


Ms MEI Qing is Chief-Editor and the Head of the General Editorial Section of the ‘China Green Times’.  The China Green Times is a specialised newspaper in China covering forestry-related topics and ecological and environmental issues.  Ms Mei has won several media awards for her articles and in-depth reports on environmental issues.  China Green Times is affiliated to China State Forestry Administration.  The paper has a circulation of 50,000, targeting government officials, opinion-leaders (eg academics and Communist Party researchers) and industry.


Mr SHANG Yinquan is a senior journalist who joined the China Industrial Economy News (CIEN) in 1996 when the paper was established.  Mr Shang is a Deputy Editor-in-Chief in charge of the General Editorial Section. China Industrial Economy News is an economic newspaper affiliated to the Central Communist Youth League of China.  CIEN's key reporting areas include current affairs commentaries, political economy, finance, industrial economy, automobile, medicine, energy, IT, environment, tourism, trade and business.  The paper has two issues a week and a circulation of 240,000.  Its readership is composed of government officials, entrepreneurs, academia and professionals working in economic areas.


Mr LIU Lin is a senior Editor/Reporter in the International News Department of the Beijing Youth Daily.  He has also been an executive editor for the Headline News page of the paper. Mr Liu completed a 10 month course in Media Management in the United Kingdom in 2005-2006.  Beijing Youth Daily is a general and extremely well-read newspaper in China, particularly in the north, with a circulation exceeding 600,000.  The targeted readership of the paper includes people who are well educated, highly capable and high income earners.