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Discussion Roundtable with John Garnaut (The AGE) and Dr Mark Crosby

20 February 2008

Boardroom Rio Tinto, Level 33, 120 Collins Street Melbourne Vic 3000

John Garnaut, Beijing based Economics Correspondent for The AGE who will be in Melbourne briefly and with Dr Mark Crosby, who is an academic economist and international business specialist at Melbourne Business School. Mark’s articles on the Chinese economy have aroused considerable press interest, particularly concerning China's recent economic growth, trade developments, and exchange rate arrangements. Together with John’s recent experiences on the ground in China, we can expect new and deeper insights on the many conflicting suppositions, and expectations of China, including its potential as an economic buffer for Australian and the rest of the world. ACBC Victoria, President Lyall Howard will host the roundtable. Brief bio notes:
John Garnaut is the Beijing-based Asia Economics Correspondent for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald newspapers. Previously, John was the Herald's Economics Correspondent in Canberra. He has written for publications including The International Herald Tribune, China's Caijing Magazine and Indonesia's Tempo Magazine. Prior to journalism, John worked for three years as a financial services lawyer in Melbourne. Dr Mark Crosby is the Associate Dean at Melbourne Business School. His research agenda covers international macroeconomics, business cycle behaviours and political economy. Mark's consulting experience includes work with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the World Bank and BHP-Billiton. He has also worked in the Australian Treasury, and has acted as a Research Fellow at the Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research.