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Student Cross Cultural Program (SCCP) : La Trobe University (LTU) and Peking University (PKU) in China visit to ACBC

05 October 2010


The SCCP is a four week annual reciprocal program. Participants from PKU visit LTU for two weeks and an equivalent number of students from LTU visit PKU for a same period of time. During the visit, students participate in “focused topic” seminars and discussions, learn about local culture and customs and undertake site visits to key political, commercial, industrial and governmental organizations and well-known university campuses. This program aims to provide students from both universities with an opportunity to gain greater inter-cultural understanding and to get an international education experience. It has been running since 2007 and has received very positive feedback from participants of the two universities.

This year, the general theme of SCCP will be ‘Opportunity & Challenge for Australia-China Trade’. It is quite obvious that the friendly bilateral relationship has continued to grow between Australia and China and many successes in the area of trade and multifaceted collaboration between the two counties have reached new historic heights. Importantly, China is now Australia’s largest trading partner/largest export market, while Australia is also an important trading and investment partner for China. We realise that trading in resources and education has taken a large portion of the market and has a very positive impact to strengthen the presence of the connections between Australia and China. Therefore, we are looking at the topic of “China’s Resources Trading with Australia” for the SCCP 2010 at La Trobe University, where students from PKU will participate in seminars and presentations in regards to the current prospects and future development of Australia-China trading in resources; discuss Australia and China’s strategies to improve the commercial, industrial and legislative trading environment and operation in resources, and to further understand the function and impact of resources trading to both countries.