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China Market Forecast 2010

25 February 2010

Westin III, Westin Hotel, 205 Collins Street, Melbourne

Outlook for China in the Year of the Tiger:

Shen Weilian, Consul General for the PRC, Patron of ACBC Victoria


Economic Forecast and Outlook for Foreign Investment:

Prof Ian Harper, Director, Access Economics, eminent Australian economist, at the forefront of financial market reform in Australia


Financial and Corporate Governance Developments in China:

Prof On Kit Tam, Independent Director, First State Cinda Fund Management, China; Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor International, RMIT


Corporate Perspective: The GHD Story

“In Partnership with China: Working on Sustainable Environments.”

Mr Peter Wood, Deputy Chairman GHD

Dr Zou Jinzhang, China Manager GHD


Closing Remarks and Vote of Thanks

Susan Riley,  Deputy Lord Mayor, City of Melbourne

See the documents below:
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  • Copy1ACBC_Slides_Feb_25_2010_from_Prof_Ian_Harper.pdf
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