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SME Roundtable Series Practicalities of Doing Business in China

23 June 2011

ACBC Boardroom, Level 1, 172 Bouverie St, Carlton

Mr Charles Qin, Managing Director at Chin Communications
Charles Qin has nearly twenty years of experience as a Mandarin interpreter and Chinese translator. Charles has worked at Olympic and Commonwealth Games, APEC, G20, World Expo, FTA negotiations and was the first ever interpreter to provide simultaneous interpreting in Parliament House for the inaugural visit of President Hu Jintao. In addition Charles has worked for Presidents, Prime Ministers, CEOs and VIPs. Charles will pose the following questions:

·         What sort of Interpreter do I need and how do I make sure they say what I mean?

·         How to achieve a translation that says what it is supposed to.

·         Where language goes wrong!

Mr Charles Brent, MD Australia China Trade & Investment Group Pty Ltd
Charles Brent is former Commissioner – Greater China for the Victorian Government based in Shanghai.  He advises a range of companies, which are looking both at exporting and sourcing from China. Charles has some 17 years specialising in building opportunities and businesses in China, both through leading Colonial Mutual Group in China as well as operating his own investment advisory practice. Charles will cover:

·         Taking Advantage of the China market

·         Sourcing from China

Dr Mona Chung, Principal Consultant at Cross Culture International, ACBC State Committee member
Dr Mona Chung specialises in overcoming the cultural gap, strategic planning, management and marketing practice for international organisations. She has done extensive advising for companies moving into China.
Dr Chung is a frequent guest speaker at public forums, tertiary institutions and her most recent publication is “Doing Business Successfully in China”, published in 2011.
Mona will share some of her key findings presented in the book:

·         How to communicate effectively with Chinese counterparties

·         How to overcome differences in the two Chinese and Western business cultures

·         The advantages of bi-cultural personnel


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