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53th Anniversary of the Canton Trade Fair October 2011 Chen Chaoren, Vice Director of the China Foreign Trade Centre

24 May 2011

Allens Arthur Robinson, 530 Collins St

Together with colleagues from MOFCOM, Mr Chen Chaoren will cover changes to this famous China Import Export Fair, opportunities offered and will provide perspective on bilateral trade between Australia and China.

ACBC’s co-hosts are the Consulate of the PRC represented by Wang Yongpu Consul Commercial and Niranjan Arasaratnam, Partner Allens Arthur Robinson. 

The October Fair is also a celebration – it is the anniversary of the 110th Exhibition.  Every spring and autumn since 1957 the Fair has taken place. It is the most comprehensive, the  largest trade event in China, a showcase attracting suppliers, manufacturers and research institutes throughout China and around the world. 

In recent years the Fair has increased in size and scope.  This October, 48 Chinese delegations (20,000 companies), including trading companies, manufacturers, together with foreign investment companies,  wholly foreign owned enterprises, and scientific research Institutions are expected. The 109th fair in May, had a record of 207,000 foreign trade visitors and total  deals struck worth more than $36 billion U.S dollars.

The Fair is hosted by China’s Ministry of Commerce and the Guangdong provincial government and organised by the China Foreign Trade Centre in Guangzhou.

It has also launched the Canton Fair Online. For further information visit: http://www.cantonfair.org.cn/en/index.asp

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