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Australia China: Beyond Tomorrow Melbourne Education Event

28 March 2011

Hilton on the Park Melbourne


·         Education goes beyond the mere dollars and cents/financial aspect, it builds bridges between Aust/Cn.

“Iron ore can’t talk and coal can’t dance”, people are the core dimension, foundation of the relationship.  

This expanding alumni are contributing to China’s development. Alumni awards.

Edun the “foundation stones” BF of the relationship. Systematic understanding of the institutions etc. 

·         Australia needs to do more to change the imbalance between inbound and outbound students,

With an insufficient number of Australian students studying in China.

China is getting into balance as students are flocking to China- Obama’s 100,000 American students studying in China, over 4 years.

·         Not one strategy for china, moving beyond the eastern seaboard into western and north eastern china.

·         International competition- US, UK, Aust some 40% of international students, Aust 6-7% with half from Asia and majority from China.

·         Growth market- VET, 70-80% of the global workforce.

·         Plenty of firms with a footprint in China and Aust, could benefit from VET

The event will combine expert presentations with interactive roundtable sessions providing an overview of the education sector with particular emphasis on its importance and economic relevance to the Australia China trade and investment relationship.

The event will offer delegates a comprehensive overview of the sector and Australia’s wide ranging engagement with China spanning areas including higher education, vocational education, research and development, language, culture and communication.

The event will also touch on the policy issues in areas such as skilled migration, as well as allowing industry stakeholders the opportunity to provide feedback to public policy makers in the ongoing development of marketing strategies in a market characterised by ongoing changes in the global economy as well as competitive pressures from regions such as North America and Europe.

Importantly, the event will allow delegates the opportunity to network with drivers of the sector in government and connect directly with businesspeople engaged directly with the market.