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In Conversation with Rowan Callick

18 May 2012

Baker & McKenzie, Level 19, 181 William St, Melbourne

Rowan Callick moderated a discussion on the following themes:
  • What is the likely performance indicator range in China this year for key data and what are the factors likely to account for variations?
  • How is the high Australian dollar affecting business? And can we expect the RMB to be used as a reserve currency in the near future?
  • Which aspects of the Australia-China business relationship show promise in this year and in which sectors have opportunities diminished?
  • Are there particular competitive advantages for Victorian business in China? If so, what are they?
  • How is our new foreign minister being received in China and what are the prospects for capitalising on goodwill as we celebrate the 40thanniversary of diplomatic relations?
  • Is the leadership transition at the 18th National Party Congress in October likely to trigger a change of policies? In what way will the new leadership tem differ from the Hu-Wen administration, consequent to the Bo Xilai political scandal?