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Ready to Rebound: The Big Picture / Rebound from COVID-19

05 June 2020


Prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus, 1.4 million Chinese tourists accounted for the largest segment that visited Australia annually while 164,000 Chinese students made up Australia's largest cohort of international students. Additionally, Chinese investment in Australia is high at A$8.2 billion as of 2018.

While the impact of COVID-19 has devastated many sectors of the Australian economy, it will pass and the attraction Australia presents to Chinese students, tourists, consumers and investors will remain. 

For this reason, ACBC has designed the Ready To Rebound online training course to ensure that when the China opportunity returns to Australia, small-medium enterprises, service providers and local government are ready to capture its potential as a part of their recovery strategy.

The Ready To Rebound course will be delivered online and made interactive to participants to engage with the industry professionals and case studies who will share their insights on how Australia can be best prepared to host and meet the needs of Chinese visitors.  

This is the first in a series of ACBC Courses with the next course focused on SMEs and export.

When: Friday June 5th

Platform: Webinar 

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ACBC Members:
Complimentary - fees waived due to COVID-19

(Normal price: $25 / session
$125 / course - 6 sessions)

Non Members:
$40 / session
$200 / course - 6 sessions

On our inaugural Ready to Rebound session, we look at the big picture of what drives Chinese interest in Australia and what sets Chinese tourist behaviour apart from other countries. With tourism expected to face a difficult year in light of COVID-19, we explore what firms can do to put themselves in the prime position for when Chinese tourists inevitably return to Australian shores. 


Kobe Liao is the Regional Director of CTrip Oceania based in Sydney and has undergraduate degrees from Nanjing University in Finance & Economics with the major of Tourism Management. He is an experienced hospitality sales & marketing leader, having worked at flagship properties as part of the management team for international hotel chain groups such as Marriot and Hilton. Through his experience, he has gained a unique insight into Chinese guests' behaviour and the Chinese domestic travel market.

Kobe has overseen the fast-growing China to Australia outbound market as part of CTrip's expansion into Oceania. Kobe and his team achieved 90% year on year growth in tourism increase over the past 3 years, particularly in accommodation. With more than 1.4 million hotels in 200 countries and regions, Trip.com Group / Ctrip have built an extensive hotel network to give customers a fantastic choice of accomodation. The far-reaching flight network has over 2 million individual flight routes connecting more than 5,000 cities around the globe.

David Thomas is well known in Australia and the Asia Pacific region as a China Expert, a passionate and engaging keynote speaker and a strong advocate of business, trade and investment collaboration between Australia and China. He has worked with SMEs from many industry sectors, including retail, professional services, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, food, tourism, real estate, design and technology, particularly in environmental protection. He is the publisher of ‘China Bites’ his regular take on what’s happening in China and why it matters.

As President of the Australia China SME AssociationDavid has organised and led numerous trade missions and study tours to China, including the annual Australian mission to the Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong and BRIC+ Study Tours for investment professionals to China and the other BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China).

In recent years, David has provided advice, support and guidance to both Australian and Chinese entrepreneurs, investors and SMEs as they navigate the challenges, barriers and opportunities of doing business and investing in both countries