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ACBC SA: China Easy Webinar 2 - DIY Chinese Language Website

16 October 2019



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Webinar 2: DIY Chinese Language Website

If you think investing in a Chinese language website for your business sounds too hard, too expensive and too risky - you’re not alone.
After all it’s written in Chinese, you need different technology and eCommerce payment systems… plus it’s super-expensive.
But what if creating a Chinese website was:
So easy you could do it yourself
So affordable it could fit your budget
So effective it brought Chinese customers to your business in droves, giving you a seriously great return on investment?

The #China Easy Website Webinar can show you how to create a Chinese website that converts browsers into buyers, that won’t cost a fortune and that you can formulate yourself.

Now is the time to take your business online to China. Why? Because Chinese consumers are obsessed with the internet and this is where they go to research and shop.
In fact, online is where you will find a staggering 802,000,000 Chinese internet users who love Australian products and are cashed up and ready to buy.
China is the world’s biggest online shopping community and that’s exactly where you need to be.
But no matter how good your product or service might be, or how genius your marketing campaign - if your website isn’t in Chinese your business will be invisible to Chinese consumers because only 1% of Chinese people speak or read English.
In the #China Easy Website Webinar you will learn the tips and tricks to building your own Chinese language website on a budget, including:
1.   Which web platform to choose
2.   Where to host your site
3.   Domains & URL’s
4.   eCommerce solutions
5.   Translation
6.   Design elements
7.   Cracking the Great Firewall of China
8.   Tailoring your content to attract Chinese buyers
9.   Smart SEO that works
10.   Rules and regulations
This is NOT a course for web engineers or web designers. This course does not teach you to the technical aspects of building a website. But rather you will acquire the skills to manage each step of the process. Much of it you will be able to do yourself at a huge cost-saving.
Ultimately, this webinar is about connecting your Australian business with a Chinese audience - to find more customers, increase your profits and grow your business.

What you get:

  • Instructional videos
  • Live coaching and Q&A
  • Free templates, tools and downloadable information
  • Quiz to test your China competency
  • Task list - things to do to achieve the topic outcome

Exclusive ACBC Membership offer

As an ACBC member you can participate in the #China Easy Webinar series at a very special price. 

Normal Webinar Price: $149
ACBC Exclusive Member price: $49

To register your participation in one or all of these online webinars, please us the following voucher codes to receive your discount when you are in the shopping cart. 

Single Webinar Purchase Code: ACBCWEB1

Registration and purchase will take place on the China Blueprint Consultants website, see www.chinablueprint.com.au/ecourses

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