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Australian Capital Territory

Canberra: Marketing to Chinese Students Workshop

07 June 2019

Building 11, level B, Room 50, University of Canberra, 1 Kirinari Street, Bruce, ACT 2617

Date: Friday 7 June 2019

Time: 3.00 pm - 5.00 pm

Location: Building 11, level B, Room 50, University of Canberra, 1 Kirinari Street, Bruce, ACT 2617

Ticket: Free

Register Here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/acbc-act-marketing-to-chinese-students-tickets-60246800803


Event Overview
ACBC has partnered with Sinorbis to produce a report on how to market successfully to Chinese international students. The report discusses what factors are impacting international education in Australia, and analyses some surprising recent trends in this important growth sector. The report aims to deepen our understanding about Chinese international students and what drives their choices, in order to more effectively engage with them.

Chinese students continue to head overseas in record numbers. But within a changing global political climate and with new opportunities opening up for young Chinese in China, their motivations and drivers for pursuing an international education are undoubtedly changing.

Based on the findings of the latest report, the session will address:

• The key factors influencing Chinese students’ choice of study destination & university/school.
• The latest insights on how Chinese students are researching and preparing for their overseas education. 
• How to align your marketing messaging with the drivers and motivations of Chinese students. 
• How to set up your Chinese digital foundations to engage with Chinese students and their parents throughout decision-making journey.

Presenter - William Berner (China Digital Marketing Specialist)

In his role as China Digital Marketing Specialist at Sinorbis, Will is helping Western brands in the consumer goods, food and beverage sector break into the China market. He is responsible for consulting with businesses to identify the best solution for their needs and support their long-term success.

Before joining Sinorbis, Will was a Senior Digital Account Executive at MediaCom with extensive experience managing the communications strategy for a variety of large and small companies, including KFC, Danone, Princess Cruises and Sony. He is an alumnus of the PwC graduate program with a focus on agriculture and FMCG clients.

Will holds a Master of International Studies, majoring in Chinese language and culture from UTS, with an in-country study at Hangzhou, China.

Speaker - Lawrence Pratchett (Pro-Vice Chancellor - Students, Partnerships and International, University of Canberra)

Lawrence Pratchett is Professor of Public Policy and Pro-Vice Chancellor
(Students, Partnerships and International) at the University of
Canberra. Previously, he was Dean of the Faculty of Business, Government &Law, also at the University of Canberra, one of Australia’s most distinctive and creative faculties which is pushing the boundaries of teaching and learning in management education. Innovations include a complete reinvention of the MBA to prepare graduates for the real knowledge and skills they need in the contemporary work place. His main research is on local democracy and public participation and he has published numerous articles and books in the area. Before joining the University of Canberra in 2011 he was a Professor and Head of the Department of Public Policy at De Montfort University in the United Kingdom and an expert advisor
to a range of European governments, including the UK Government and the Council of Europe.

Speaker - Lewis Jones (Founder & Managing Director, China Connex)

Lewis is an expert in China/Australia trade and communications with over five years’ experience working on the ground in China and almost 15 years working in the sector. He founded China Connex
to assist Australian clients in understanding and successfully engaging with their Chinese clients. His responsibilities include consulting to clients on identifying their China Market opportunities and developing strategies that will deliver safe, profitable connection to the world’s largest market.

China Connex’s aim is to make sure that Australia plays its part in the Asian Century and that their clients make the most of the rapid development in China and the increasing demand for Australian
goods and services.

Lewis has provided China market advice to local and state governments, national institutions like the National Museum of Australia and National Gallery of Australia, and various food, cosmetics and health product companies. In the student marketing space, he has provided expert services to big four bank clients, leading property developers and publicly-listed student accommodation providers in marketing to Chinese students here and in the mainland. He now leads a team at China Connex
who cover the whole range of Chinese-Australian experiences, providing clients with insights into the Chinese-speaking market and the best approaches to it.