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New South Wales

Sydney: Workshop - The Art of Chinese Negotiation - China Ready Series

14 March 2019

Workshop - The Art of Chinese Negotiation

Leonie McKeon will present on how the 36 Chinese Strategies (derived from Sun Tzu’s –‘The Art of War’) are used a Chinese business environment. The 36 Chinese Strategies are described as the keys to understanding Chinese thinking. Most Chinese people know and unconsciously use these strategies to negotiate and communicate in their daily life.

To function successfully in China, and therefore maximise your business success it is crucial to know how to recognise and respond effectively to the 36 Chinese Strategies. Knowledge of the Chinese negotiating culture, which means how the 36 Chinese Strategies are used, is your greatest asset

Event Details

Topic: The Art of Chinese Negotiation
Date: Thursday, 14 March 2019.
Time: 11am arrival, 11.30am (start) - 1pm (finish). Light lunch included.
Event Status: Members and non-members.
Venue: ACBC Office (c/o ShineWing), Level 8, 167 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000.
Format: Workshop (presentation and discussion)
Price: Member $65, Non-member $95 (Excluding GST and processing fees)

Why Attend

  • To learn when and how the 36 Chinese Strategies are used in Chinese business environments.

  • To know how to prepare and therefore react when the 36 Chinese Strategies are used by Chinese business people.

  • To gain more knowledge about what is really is happening when conducting business with Chinese business people.

Bio - Leonie McKeon

Leonie McKeon is a China-educated strategist, who is an author, professional speaker, workshop presenter and business consultant specialising in the 36 Chinese Strategies (derived from Sun Tzu’s –‘The Art of War’). Leonie has worked and travelled extensively in the Greater China Region for several years where she learnt Mandarin, and lived amongst the mastery of Chinese negotiating tactics. She has over three decades of experience dealing with Chinese business people, and is a highly sort after business consultant and workshop presenter who advises Western business people on how to navigate their way through deals with Chinese business people.

What people say about Leonie - Wines By: Geoff Hardy

"I can’t tell you how much you have given our family and me personally through your insights about the 36 Chinese Strategies. Understanding how the 36 Chinese Strategies are applied in Chinese business culture was the lightbulb moment which has led to such revenue growth, opportunities and personal growth. This has been one of the great, exciting professional and personal journeys and achievements of my life. Thanks again."