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New South Wales

Sydney: ACBC NSW Annual General Meeting

07 November 2018

The Australia China Business Council's NSW Branch will hold its AGM on Wednesday, 7 November 2018.

Event Details

  • Venue: ShineWing, Level 8, 167 Macquarie STreet
  • Date: Wednesday, 7 November 2018
  • Time: 6:00pm - 7:30pm
  • Tickets: Members only (Complimentary)

Nominations for ACBC NSW Office Bearer or executive committee positions have closed. A list of members nominating for the Executive Committee can be found here.

ACBC National body is a Company that is limited by guarantee under the Corporations Act. The organisation earns income from memberships, sponsorships and events.  ACBC NSW is a branch of the ACBC. Election for the ACBC for the Executive Committee including President, two Vice-Presidents and Treasurer will be held at the AGM. ACBC NSW's Committee members are not renumerated and there is no scope for reimbursement of expenses associated with the roles.

Committee members are required to be financial members of ACBC and:

  • Attend at least 3 meetings per year (Meetings are held over approximately 1 to 1 and a half hours, in the middle of a business day, five times per year)
  • Provide advice and support the ACBC in delivering services to our members
  • Promote the ACBC to the Australia-China Business community and attract corporate partners/sponsors as well as new members for the organisation
  • Assist the ACBC CEO in securing high profile interstate and international speakers for ACBC events
  • Promote ACBC events including attending and/or hosting corporate tables
  • Assist with event logistics as required

The President and Vice Presidents will, on an annual basis, facilitate an evaluation of the Committee’s performance.

For any clarifications regarding responsibilities of the Committee Members please contact Alison Airey, CEO, ACBC NSW at
In person by members or by proxy.


  • Wednesday 17 October: Nominations close at 5:00pm
  • Thursday 18 October: Proxy form is made available
  • Tuesday 6 November: Proxy forms must be delivered 24 hours before AGM
  • Wednesday 7 November: AGM