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China Digital Marketing: Session 3 - Small budget, big dreams

08 October 2018

Eventbrite - China Digital Marketing: Session 3



The ACBC along with The City of Adelaide and PwC are pleased to present:

Small budget, big dreams: Digital marketing entry points

Got dreams as big as China but a shoestring budget?

We hear you! South Australia's business landscape is packed with boutique products and niche services that are just the type of thing Chinese consumers crave. But the enormous China market can be difficult to crack without scale or an immediately recognisable brand.

So we are bringing to South Australia Lisa Goodhand from China Blueprint to answer such curly questions as:

  • What do you do if you can't afford an official WeChat account?
  • How can you access the consumer market in China if your brand isn't big enough to make it onto T-mall?
  • What is the best way to allocate resources with a modest China marketing budget?
  • How can you start small and build a foundation that gives you room to scale up?
  • What platforms are worth investing in... where will you get bang for your buck?

Come along on 8 October and have your questions answered.

Special guest presenter

Lisa Goodhand
Managing Director
China Blueprint

Lisa's consultancy firm, China Blueprint, helps Australian organisations in the food, tourism and lifestyle industries tap into the China market and fulfil their potential.

Lisa has a 360 degree view of the China market, working across import, export and online marketing.

Fluent in Chinese, Lisa speaks and writes regularly about doing business with China.

She has a deep understanding of Chinese culture, economy and business practices.


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