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South Australia

Adelaide: CBR 4 Secrets of the Chinese art of negotiation: Knowing how to win business

02 May 2018

PwC Adelaide, 70 Franklin Street, Level 11, Adelaide, SA 5000

Leonie McKeon, China-educated strategist and author, will headline our panel as we uncover the secrets of winning Chinese business and explore how to pitch, negotiate and close deals.
Leonie has lived, worked and travelled extensively in the Greater China Region where she learnt Mandarin, and observed the mastery of Chinese negotiation tactics in business and daily life.
For Chinese people negotiation is a practice of everyday life from a very young age. Most know and unconsciously use the 36 Chinese Strategies derived from “The Art of War”, to negotiate and communicate.
Leonie will examine these strategies, which are key to understanding Chinese behaviour and thinking, identifying modern day examples of how they are played out and translating into a business setting.
Our moderator, Sean Keenihan, will then pick the minds of an expert panel to learn the secrets of their considerable business success. What do you need to know when you are at the table with a formidable negotiator? How do you best go about presenting an opportunity, working through a negotiation process and ultimately closing the deal?