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South Australia

Adelaide: China Business Ready 2018 Session 3

04 April 2018

PwC Adelaide, 70 Franklin Street, Level 11, Adelaide, SA 5000

Session 3 | Essential considerations for doing business with China

Intellectual property measures and the new Anti-Unfair Competition Law – a sword and shield approach

Protecting your business should be a priority for anyone looking to enter the China market. But just how challenging is the Chinese legal and bureaucratic landscape and what do you need to know to navigate your way through?

Many businesses think protecting themselves in China is complex and difficult, with many barriers including language. However there are some clear steps to take, for example businesses are now better able to register and protect intellectual property in China.

In this China Business Ready session we will demystify some of the risky and challenging areas of business in China. Learn about:

  • brand protection, domain registration, trademarking and patents
  • common mistakes made by new market entrants
  • establishing and registering a business in China
  • strategies to tackle IP infringement

We'll also be hearing from the Department of Foreign affairs and Trade (DFAT) to discover how they can help your business trade and invest with confidence. Learn about:

  • strategies to minimise corruption approaches
  • best practice in compliance and risk mitigation
  • important federal policy and legislative initiatives and the international China agenda