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New South Wales

Sydney: March 2018 Monthly SME Roundtable with Peter Verry, Managing Director of Peloris Global Sourcing Pty Ltd

15 March 2018

Event Details

Date: Thursday, 15 March 2018
Time: 8:00am - 9:00am 
Venue: Swaab Attorneys, Level 4/20 Hunter St, Sydney NSW 2000
Format: Roundtable - limited to 22 places
Price: Complimentary
Guest Expert: Peter Verry, Managing Director, Peloris Global Sourcing Pty Ltd

Non-members are permitted to attend the roundtable up to two times.
Please ensure you have enough business cards - we recommend 30 business cards on hand.

Event Overview

Our popular SME Roundtable is an opportunity to workshop your Chinese business issues, challenges and opportunities and to hear practical business advice from knowledgeable and China-experienced ACBC members and guest experts. 

Guest Expert Bio

Peter Verry, Managing Director, Peloris Global Sourcing Pty Ltd

Peter has over 25 years of experience in Finance, Supply Chain and Procurement roles within multinational corporations and as a business consultant. 

Prior to founding Peloris Global Sourcing (PGS) Peter spent almost ten years working in regional management roles for an Australian based multinational corporation. Peter had functional responsibility for supply chain personnel and operations across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and China. Peter then transitioned into the world of consulting, providing business process solutions for several large corporations both in Australia and overseas including BHP, Aurizon, Vopak (Singapore), PanAust (Laos) and Oxford University Press (Asia). 

2011, Peter co-founded PGS, along with good friend and business colleague, Alex Wang. Both Alex and Peter recognised the growing appetite that affluent Chinese citizens had for premium imported foods, particularly from countries such as Australia and New Zealand which had well established reputations for clean environmental conditions and high quality food production standards. 

2014, PGS, working collaboratively with China Inspection and Quarantine Services (CIQ), pioneered the first commercially sustainable China rapid border clearance (Green Lane) import channel for pasteurised fresh milk. PGS continues to be the leading importer of pasteurised fresh milk into China, by volume, with over 2 million litres delivered on time and in prime condition to date. 

PGS has continued working in partnership with CIQ and other China food health and safety regulatory agencies to further refine and improve its value proposition and is also expanding its services, with the addition of further perishable food categories through the Green Lane and the geographical expansion to other countries. PGS recently opened an office in Malaysia and plans to open similar market access for perishable food imports into the ASEAN countries. 

David Thomas, CEO of Think Global Consulting

Keynote speaker, thought leader and business futurist, David Thomas is well-known throughout the Asia Pacific for his experience, credibility and deep understanding of China and Asia. With a successful history of forging global business relationships, David helps leaders, entrepreneurs and investors solve the China puzzle.

SME Roundtable Series
The highly popular monthly SME Roundtable series provides 20-30 attendees a forum to speak directly with experts regarding issues and concerns they have working in and with China. This series is generously hosted by Swaab attorneys. Attendance is geared towards ACBC SME members (and non-members) and is free of charge. [16-26ppl]