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New South Wales

Sydney: 'Protecting Your IP and Trademarks in China'

28 November 2017

Event Details:

Date: Tuesday, 28 November 2017
12:00pm arrival for 12:15pm-2pm
Venue: King & Wood Mallesons, Governor Phillip Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney NSW 2000
Event status: Complimentary


  • David Bennet, IP Counsellor, Australian Embassy Beijing
  • Chuyang Liu, China Advisor, Austrade
  • Jack Liu, Trade Advisor, Austrade
  • Katrina Rathie, Partner, King & Wood Malleson
  • Lee Featherby, CEO of PowerfulPoints 

Event Overview

The China market continues to grow in importance for Australian businesses. Protecting intellectural property (IP) should be a priority for any business when entering a new market, including China. Many businesses think that IP protection is complex and difficult with many barriers including language. However, there have been significant and ongoing improvements in the ability to register and protect IP in China.

IP Australia, Austrade and the Australia China Business Council (ACBC) have collaborated to develop a seminar on the current state of IP protection systems in China. It will cover the practical steps businesses can take to choose appropriate brands and names, protect their domain registrations, trademarks, branding and patents in the China market.

IP Australia has released their new Guide to Protecting IP in China on their China webpage, https://www.ipaustralia.gov.au/china.

“Protecting your IP in China” contains all our most important China IP messages in a single document, as well as links to further resources. It should be a useful front line resource to direct businesses to.

Topics Covered

  • The importance of IP in maximising trade opportunities in China
  • Choice of brand and company naming
  • Monitoring and enforcement of IP rights
  • Common mistakes made by new entrants to market
  • Establishing and registering a business in China
  • IP registration and strategis including domain registration, trademarking and patents

Speaker Bio

David Bennett, IP Counsellor, Australian Embassy Beijing

David Bennet is Australia's first Intellectual Property Counsellor to China, based at the Australian Embassy, Beijing. David supports Australians to protect their IP in China by providing guidance on local IP matters, including IP registration and enforcement, and works to raise IP awareness. He also engages with the Chinese government on IP policy issues. David has worked in IP Australia's international, domestic and trade policy sections, and first joined IP Australia as a biotechnology patent examiner. He was previously Director of Intellectual Property at a California-based biomedical start-up company.

Chuyang Liu, China Advisor, Austrade

Chuyang currently leads Austrade's China Hub work. She was previously an Austrade Trade Commissioner in China (2012-2016) and was responsible for Austrade's services work. Chuyang has spent the majority of her 25 year career in the fields of legal and international trade.

Jack Lu, Trade Advisor, Austrade

Jack has spent five years working on cross border e-commerce issues relating to China, and currently focuses on global e-commerce analysis and research. Jack holds a Master of Finance and Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne.

Katrina Rathie, King & Wood Mallesons

Katrina Rathie is the Partner-in-Charge, Sydney of King & Wood Mallesons and has been named NSW Woman Lawyer of the Year, Private Practice.  Katrina has practised in the intellectual property field for over 30 years, with a focus on brands, trade marks, designs, copyright and passing off law.  As an Australian with a Chinese cultural background working in a law firm focussed on bringing Asia to the world and the world to Asia, Katrina has significant cross-border IP experience.  She has worked with IP Australia and helped a number of Australian and international companies protecting and enforcing their IP rights in China. Katrina has been named an IP Star by Managing Intellectual Property 2017, “Best in IP Litigation” at the Australasian Women in Business Awards and holds an individual Gold Star rating for IP enforcement and litigation from the World’s Leading Trade Mark Professionals magazine.

Lee Featherby, CEO, Powerful Points

Lee Featherby began working with presentations design over 30 years ago. In 2003, he formed PowerfulPoints, specifically to address what he saw was a strong need for organisations to improve their presentations to match the changing audiences influenced by the internet and other emerging technologies.

Since then he has designed presentations for some of Australia’s, and the world’s, most prestigious companies…organisations like McDonalds, Visa, Coca Cola, GE and Microsoft. 7 of Australia’s top 10 companies come to PowerfulPoints for help with either presentation design or training.

Since starting PowerfulPoints, Lee has been involved with the development of presentations where the “at stake” was worth over $3 billion and mentored and coached numerous presenters to deliver powerfully and with authority in the most pressured situations. Having worked with international audiences for the past 5 years, Lee has learnt the intricacies & challenges of presenting to an audience whose first language isn’t English.