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New South Wales

Sydney: China (Shandong) Australia Trade Seminar

06 September 2017

On September 6th, 2017, the China (Shandong) Australia Investment and Trade Conference will explore the all-encompassing 'Switch Engine' strategy, targeting sectors from life sciences and healthcare to energy and infrastructure. This is a unique opportunity for our NSW members to meet with leading business and government leaders to initiate bilateral trade and investment dialogues.

Delegation of Shandong province, Economic and Trade delegates from Shandong province, and heads of enterprises like Shandong Energy Group, Shandong Gold Group, Shandong Finance Investment Group, Yankuang Group, Xinhua Pharmaceutical, Lukang Pharmaceutical, Haier Group, Hisense Group, Qingdao Port, Landbridge Group, Nanshan Group, Ronghuiguantong Company, Longgang Travel, CIMC Raffles Offshore Limited, Lvye Pharma, Shandong Original Delivery E-commerce Co., Ltd. etc.

The purpose of this trip is to introduce the Shandong Government's 'Switch Engine' strategy from the traditional economy growth model to a new one, with more focuses specifically on high-end manufacturing, medicine & healthcare, resources & raw material, modern services, modern agricultural and information technology in order to achieve sustainable growth. The Shandong Government visits Australia to initiate trade and investment dialogues, and build and effective platform for the exchange of resources on both sides. 

For more information, please contact acbcnsw@acbc.com.au or call 02 92470349