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ASIPAC became a Victorian State Sponsor in 2010 and a National Sponsor in 2011.

ASIPAC GROUP  is an international based organization focusing on a broad spectrum of business areas including: resources, real estate , financial services and e-commerce. Through its highly experienced management team, ASIPAC GROUP has achieved enormous success in the business arena and is highly regarded amongst the business community. Much of this success is a result of the extensive global business network surrounding the organization and in particular from the careful and intensive management of financial analysis, operational analysis and expertise across all of its diversified business activities.

As a strategic partner for Chinese Enterprises, ASIPAC provides financial and strategic advisory services and also assists them in the areas of: listing on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX); capital raising; mergers and acquisitions; underwriting; trading and financial innovation.

ASIPAC also acts as a China Expert Consultant for Australian Companies. Our strategic team along with industry analysts from both Australia and China,regularly review the landscape of specific industries, evaluating Australian companies’ current positions, growth strategies, and competitive headwinds.  Our group actively works to exploit strategic upside opportunities in existing and emerging markets.  Moreover, our experts and office personnel will assist in clearing difficulties that you encounter, which may have appeared to be insurmountable barriers. In summary, we will set you on the path to success in China.



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