Northern Territory

The China Table Manners Lunch Returns

21 October 2012

12 Noon to 3:00 pm

Loong Fong Seafood Restuarant

What to do you do when the Chinese host selects food and puts it on your plate? How do you know when the endless stream of banquet courses is  coming to an end? Is there really a way to avoid endless alcoholic ganbei toasts? And why does everyone suddenly get up and leave? (surely your joke wasn’t that offensive?) 

Get your answers to these questions and many more , along with an excellent meal, at the bi-annual ACBC CHINESE TABLE MANNERS lunch.

This is a uniquely prepared lunch. Its not the normal Chinese meal you get in Darwin. With the assistance of chefs from Loong Fong, the menu has been selected to reflect the taste and traditions of northern and north western China. Most people are comfortable with the habits and manners of eating in southern China. Sitting down for a business or formal meal in northern China is a very different experience. Like it or not, you are judged on how you behave at the table. Lack of manners can be excused, but it can also make it more difficult  to establish that essential  business or political relationship.

Who should attend?

  • Politicians working in China
  • Businessmen working in China
  • Public service support staff working in China or hosting Chinese delegations.
  • Businesses hosting Chinese delegations
  • Anyone interested in working in China or developing China business


Members                           $ 70.00
Non-members                 $ 85.00 
Corporate tables of 8      $560.00