Queensland has a rapidly growing and active ACBC branch with strong representation from small and large local businesses, academics, government officials and state representatives from national offices of larger firms. Business members come from a wide range of sectors including exporters, importers, investors and academics undertaking research and project work in specialised areas.

The Branch Executive is focussed on delivering events and information for members on topics which are relevant to their business, as well as broader-based functions which fit with the objectives of the ACBC. Sponsorship opportunities are available for some events through the year.

The Queensland Branch event calendar is updated throughout the year, which allows members to become involved as a presenter or lead speaker at discussions or bring in a guest speaker as opportunities arise.

Among its local membership, the Queensland Branch has a strong SME bias, which demonstrates the value which small business puts on joining the Branch. ACBC membership enables small business to create a valuable network for their business with China and helps to eliminate many of the pitfalls of working independently.

The Queensland Branch works closely with federal, state and local government to enhance the value of membership. The Branch is able to gather and convey members’ views to government collectively, and assists business to gain access to key government people here and in China.

Mr Steve Abbott
President ACBC Queensland

For more information, please contact the Queensland Branch:
Ph: +61 7 3102 4094   Fax: +61 7 3112 6838
E:  acbcqld [at] acbc [dot] com [dot] au

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