Northern Territory


Daryl Guppy

The Territory branch is an active and enthusiastic branch that operates closely with business and Government to improve the understanding of business and business relations in China. The branch was officially founded in 27 February 2007. The launch of the  ACBC NT Branch was held at Parliament House, hosted by the former Chief Minister – Clare Martin.

The Branch holds 10 to 12 functions a year, ranging from Ministerial briefings and reports, to workshops for Government and business, including the always-in-demand table manners event. A regular series of short business briefings, along with more extended specialist briefings are held at regular intervals.

ACBC NT members represent a range of sectors including mining, finance, tourism and retail and comprise some of Darwin's leading exporters and importers with China, as well as business people keen to establish contacts in China.

The  experience of ACBC NT members form an important part of the ACBC’s development of policy and enhances  the delivery of ACBC’s programs and services to  NT members and the business community of the Northern Territory. The ACBC-NT branch enables Territory businesses to be represented effectively at a national level and provides a local voice in the development of policy between China and Australia.

The branch has published a well-regarded fortnightly newsletter since 2008 that includes insights into China developments and doing business in China.

The ACBC NT  provides a coordinated resource of expertise for those interested in doing business, both import and export, with companies in China. It   provides Territory businesses access to resources to assist in the development of more effective relationships with businesses in China. The branch   builds local knowledge to improve the way business is done with China and to maximise advantages for NT business. The branch hosts functions to bring the Territory business community together to meet with Chinese delegations.

Members of ACBC NT gain valuable information and contacts to assist in advancing their China business interests.

Mr Daryl Guppy
President ACBC NT

For more information, please contact the Northern Territory Branch:
+61 (08) 89 270061
acbcnt [at] acbc [dot] com [dot] au