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China Imposes Tariffs On Australian Barley

By: ACBC National

On Tuesday China imposed a 73.6% anti-dumping tariff and a 6.9% anti-subsidy tariff to all Australian barley after a 16-month investigation into an anti-dumping complaint.

China’s Ministry of Commerce declared “The investigating authority has ruled that there was dumping of imported barley from Australia and the domestic industry suffered substantial damage,” a statement on the ministry’s website said.

Trade Minister Simon Birmingham has indicated Australia may appeal the tariffs through the World Trade Organisation. 

“Australia is deeply disappointed with China’s decision to impose duties on Australian barley,” he said in a statement.

“We reject the basis of this decision and will be assessing the details of the findings while we consider next steps.

“We reserve all rights to appeal this matter further and are confident that Australian farmers are among the most productive in the world, who operate without government subsidy of prices.”

 While supporting the government's decision to take the matter up with the WTO, federal opposition leader Anthony Albanese raised that a recent trade deal between the US and China, which obliges China to buy more agricultural goods from the US, may have disadvantaged Australian farmers. 



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