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Greetings for the Year of the Pig from the Australia China Business Council

By: ACBC National

Here at the Australia China Business Council (ACBC) we’d like to wish all our members and supporters a very happy and prosperous Year of the Pig.
Of course, we know that the most important relationships between Australia and China are not between businesses, but between people.  That’s why Australia is so fortunate to have such a large and active Chinese community—1.2 million Australians of Chinese heritage.  And that’s why the person-to-person contacts forged every day by ACBC members are so important.
Personal connections are also strengthened through educational, cultural and sporting exchange.  More than 166,000 Chinese students study in Australia each year, and more than one million tourists visit.  Last year the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the Australian Ballet each toured China.  This year will see the third AFL football game played in Shanghai for premiership points.  And of course the many public and private celebrations of Lunar New Year do much to remind Australians of the presence and contribution of our Chinese community. 
Our hope is that the Australia-China relationship can become even stronger in the Year of the Pig.  Last year marked the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and ‘opening up’.  The year before we celebrated 45 years of diplomatic relations between Australia and China.  Last year ACBC members and representatives visited Shanghai for the inaugural China International Import Expo (CIIE)—the largest trade fair in the history of the world, where businesses from across the globe showed off the products and services they can offer a growing Chinese middle class.  The amazing growth of China in the last few decades has been good for the Chinese people and the world; and the future looks even more exciting.
At the Australia China Business Council this year we hope to see many positive stories about the Australia-China relationship.  We hope that more Australian businesses will make the move into the Chinese market, and that many Chinese investors and businesses will look to Australia.  May Australia and China together have a very happy Year of the Pig.


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