China In Touch, 14 August 2019, Issue 258

President Trump declared China a currency manipulator at a time when he was desperate for China to actually be a currency manipulator. Seems contradictory? Not really when the issues are pared to the essentials. The foundation of Trumps tariff policy is for the Yuan to remain under the critical level of 7 to the US dollar. At these levels the US tariffs inflict some real pain on Chinese exporters and so make Trumps tariff policy more effective. The success of his policy rested on China ‘manipulating’ the yuan to keep it under 7.



China In Touch, 31 July 2019, Issue 257

Its mid-summer in Beijing and the clear blue skies are enough to entice people to visit Beijing’s many landmarks and public parks. Some seek the coolness of the Xiang Shan mountains or the waterways and gardens around the Summer Palace, or perhaps venture into the countryside and visit the Ming Tombs where it might be a little cooler. Others visit the lesser known Yuanming Yuan  ruins also called  the Old Summer Palace. 


China In Touch, 17 July 2019, Issue 256

Three important developments  came out of the recent G20 meeting. The first development was an extended ceasefire in the US China tariff war. This was hailed as a victory for the United States, but closer examination suggests the Chinese gave away little of importance. It is a classic example of the Chinese strategy of making something out of nothing. Expansion of US meat imports would have happened in any case given the ongoing culling of Chinese pigs due to the breakout of African swine fever. This G20 outcome had the benefit of making a necessity look like a concession.


China In Touch, 3 July 2019, Issue 255

What happens at the G20, or with the changes in China belt and Road policy may seem a long distance from the Northern Territory, and from Territory business. At times its difficult to show the exact links or connections between the larger events and what happens on the ground in Darwin. If we understand the shift in the broader currents of the Australia China relationship, then we can make decisions with more confidence. This may include taking early steps to promote products and services directly into China so that as economic relations thaw, we are already positioned to take advantage of new flows of capital and investment interest.


China In Touch, 19 June 2019, Issue 255

There will be pain in the short term but on the scale of historical events, that is unimportant. The objective is to improve life for ourselves, but in particular to improve life for our children. We are very interested in understanding new ideas so we can adapt them to our own circumstances. We have no appetite for conflict, but if pushed then we will push back. No, that’s not middle of America speaking, although it could be.This week I spoke at a conference and  was locked on a cruise ship in the Bohai Sea between China and North Korea with some 3,000 middle class Chinese.