China In Touch, 13 March 2019, Issue 248

My youth was dominated by the Cold War and the war in Vietnam. The media carried the war-like language and the language of war was used by Russia, by the United States and by north and south Vietnam Governments. Uncomfortably I am again hearing war-like language in the media, but with an important difference. Speaking in Sydney last week, respected historian Niall Ferguson claimed As the strategic and technological rivalry between the two sides intensifies over issues such as Huawei and the contested South China Sea, Australia really has only one choice, which is to back the US. Conflict is inevitable.

The Banyue - Issue 120 March 2019

This edition of the Banyue includes member benefits as part of an ACBC Victoria partnership with the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI). Issue 120 also includes recent highlights such as the Chinese New Year Function, the Doing Business in China Report event and Tame the Tiger event with Leonie McKeon. Additionally, Issue 120 has information about a range of external events and initiatives, member news and much more…

China In Touch, 26 February 2019, Issue 247

Engage, Exclude or Enrage? The 3 E’s summarise policy approaches to China. Australia adds a dangerous fourth E to the list - Entitlement.

Exclude is an apt description of the political pressure applied to nobble competition.

Enraging China as an inevitable result of the demand that China change its industrial and economic model

Engagement with China means more open and less confrontational discussion.


The Banyue - Issue 119 February 2019

Issue 119 of the Banyue includes links to upcoming events such as the ACBC Victoria important briefing on the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Act 2018 and its implications for business people engaged in activities in and with China. Issue 119 also includes links to a list of ACBC Victoria’s new members, a range of external events and initiatives, Xiamen Air flight discounts and much more…


ACBC Tasmania News - February 2019

Welcomes to the Year of the Pig! This issue covers topics such as the visit from ACBC National President and CEO, the Accessing China Market Forum, 2019 China International Import Expo (CIIE), Tasmanian Tourism presence in Hong Kong, Packaging Innovation and Design Awards, Wine Export support and China opinion pieces.