ACBC Tasmania Newsletter May 2019

This newsletter contains details of events including ACBC's Annual Canberra Networking Day, an overview of China's Belt and Road Initiative forum in Beijing, the AFL game in China and Festival of Austrlai, ACBC's successful Austrade grant, recent report launches and the latest Pdocast episodes.

China In Touch, 8 May 2019, Issue 252

The Belt and Road Initiative captures a number of policies initiatives. Amongst others, they include infrastructure builds, social objectives, poverty alleviation, trade facilitation, capital market reform and the development of IT and AI.  The BRI represents the transformation of China from a regional into a global power. The initiatives in the areas of finance, currency, trade and security are meant to provide China with alternatives and so reduce its dependency on the current order without reducing its support for the current order.  


China In Touch, 24 April 2019, Issue 251

Where do I allocate my long-term investment capital to maximise growth? Globalisation offered many opportunities and a means to diversify risk. It made sense to allocate funds to US markets and to the fast-rising Chinese markets. I, like many others, allocated investment capital to companies that did business with China, to companies that depended on China production for their success, to Chinese companies that were moving into international markets and to companies that befitted from Chinese growth. Some may argue that many investors are overweight China and that is now potentially a problem.



The Banyue - Issue 123 April 2019

Our Easter edition of the Banyue includes links to ACBC Victoria upcoming events such as 'More than a game' and 'China and the world: inside a changing economic landscape'. Issue 123 also includes an event recap from 'Choosing your KOL' with Elijah Whaley and links to recent China-Australia business news. Additionally, Issue 123 has links to a range of external events and initiatives and much more...

China In Touch, 10 April 2019, Issue 250

It is often suggested that the Opium wars continue to shape Chinas view of the current world. After an eye-roll, many dismiss this as evidence that China needs to move on from the ‘Century of humiliation’ and deal with the real world of the 21st century.The Opium wars took place in 1839-1860. The period of opening up the West in the United States took place around 1865-85. This period, more than any others, plays a central part in American myth making and is glorified in countless Westerns in TV and film. The image of the sheriff meting out rough justice, and gun driven violence, is as closely bound to the American psyche as the Declaration of Independence produced in 1776.